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Urba Water tanks are designed to sit alongside your home and are used to reduce your dependence on mains water by providing rainwater recycling opportunities for your garden, washing the car or with the installation of a pump and rainsaver device - connection into your home for use in the laundry or bathroom .
With 800L of capacity they provide a modern and easy DIY installed rainwater recycling solution. They can be used individually and additional Urba Water tanks can be connected to the first tank as your requirements increase.
The tanks are made in New Zealand from tough polythene plastic that is UV treated for NZ
conditions and heavy metal free allowing it to be easily recycled at the end of life. Backed with a 10yr warranty there isn't an easier way to start recycling free rain water.

Key featuresTank features

  • 800L capacity each tower- and expandable.
  • Internal stainless steel mesh strainer.
  • 1 X BXP 15mm fitting for a tap installed.
  • 2 X 35mm BSP fittings for pump and additional tower connectors.
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Made from recyclable polythene
  • UV  protected for NZ conditions
  • Algae  free
  • Easy  DIY installation


Optional Components

Mesh StrainerPump House


Stainless steel mesh strainer

Filters out unwanted leaves and debris.



Pump house

Suitable for typical house pumps.
modern design with mozzie proof

Water Tank

200L Rain Barrel

Easy rain  water  storage  for  the garden.